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Making your site PIP-Ready
There are two ways of making your site PIP-Ready:

  • Simply explaining to your visitors how to set up a manual configuration profile for your site, or
  • Putting a P.I.P. Configuration File (.pip) somewhere in a publicy accessable place on your server.

An Automatic Configuration File is a simple ASCII file which tells P.I.P. how to create a profile for your website. You supply the URL to this Configuration File on your site, a user copies this URL in P.I.P. and the profile is automatically created.

You can only create an Automatic Profile if your server offers a single web-address for your visitors to upload the images to!

There are two ways you can use to have visitors upload images to your server: through password protected FTP or through HTTP PUT. We advise you to use the HTTP PUT method since this is a lot safer for your server. If you allow visitors to post images using FTP, they can also log in on your server using an ordinary FTP program. And if your server hasn't got good security, then you're in trouble! But if you absolutely want to use FTP, here's a good site explaining how to make your site secure:


If your server is running Apache and does not yet support the HTTP PUT method, check the Apache website on how to activate it:


or use a third-party module like MOD_PUT.O:

    Module mod_put

After you have created a directory on your server where your visitors can upload images to, you are ready to create an Automatic Configuration File. You can download/view a sample configuration file here and simply change it for your website:

    Example Configuration File

After you have changed the Automatic Configuration File for your website, put it on a publicy accessable non-password protected directory on your webserver and publicise it somewhere on your website. We recommend you download our P.I.P. button


and use that to link to a page with instructions for your visitors. You'll find a sample instruction page here:

    Sample Instruction Page

Once you have your site PIP-Ready, we can list your site on our homepage as being a PIP-Ready site! Just email us the following and we will add your site to our homepage:

  • The name of your site
  • The URL of your site's homepage
  • The URL of your site's forum, messageboard or whatever it is that uses P.I.P.
  • The URL where we can find our PIP-button
  • The URL of your Automatic Configuration File
  • Your email address